About EMAC Recruiting Academy

The objective of this Recruitment Learning platform, is to provide step-by-step systems for mortgage industry sales managers on the proven recruiting and retention strategies used by professional Headhunters.

EMAC Recruiting Academy has helped thousands of sales managers attract and hire more quality loan officers by improving their recruiting skills, habits, and techniques that attract new talent to join their teams.

Without a doubt, recruiting and retaining quality loan officers are the most difficult challenges in the mortgage industry. It is both alarming and constantly surprising to find out how many sales managers commit basic, fundamental mistakes in the recruitment process on a regular basis… Mistakes that drive away good candidates.

Recruiting is an art-form and, like any other skill process, it requires the knowledge and application of basic fundamentals to produce the desired results.

Our unique, advanced recruiting philosophy will properly equip you with a deep understanding of exactly how to attract and recruit the talent you need to build the best sales team.

The first step is to learn both the basics of what recruiting is all about and how to develop an ongoing process that helps you generate a talent pool of qualified candidates.

Once you’ve built a strategy that’s smarter and easier, and establish an appropriate goal-driven recruiting routine, attracting the loan officers you desire will come naturally.

Although change can be difficult, it’s critical for growth. It’s important for you to keep an open mind while you study these lessons. Why? In order to get the results you’ve never achieved, you need to try things you’ve never done.

Like anything worthwhile, the more you put into it, the more benefit you will receive. The more you embrace these time-tested techniques, the better you'll become as a recruiter.

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