The T. A. P.  Survival Kit

  • The 5 Principles to recruiting used by EMAC headhunters
  • 5 Hiring Manager Strategies to attract, engage, hire and onboard the best talent in the market
  • Daily How-To Lessons + Exercises to connect, communicate, commit and close talent while developing a long-term and successful relationship, plus a retention tool to keep your team engaged
  • A Step-by-Step Guide with key activities to help you really connect, communicate your value proposition and develop meaningful relationships with candidates

Take the Challenge!  $49



  • Talent Attraction Plan personalized by you at the end of the 5-Day Challenge to jump-start your NEW recruiting campaign
  • In 5 short days, you'll know how to attract desirable candidates with a streamlined recruiting process
  • How to position your Employer Brand in your recruiting campaign to lure candidates and beat out the competition
  • Journey into the candidate-centric courting process and your messaging will help you identify if a candidate fits your culture, team and organization style